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Comprehensive Care from the Comfort of Your Home

When you, a child, or another family member is unwell, the idea of leaving home to visit a doctor can be daunting. With Hunter Health, you can bypass the commute and the waiting room through our telehealth services.

By scheduling a telehealth appointment with us, you’ll be able to engage in a video or phone consultation with a provider, all without stepping out of your home.

Telehealth can be used for:

  • Sick visits
  • Routine care for controlled medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes
  • Regular physicals, prescription refills, and screenings
  • Behavioral health consultations

Schedule an in-person appointment for:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Symptoms that might be life-threatening, such as severe abdominal pain, chest discomfort, or difficulty breathing (always dial 9-1-1 for these situations)
  • Unstable health concerns needing close monitoring, like erratic blood pressure
  • Pain management or consultations for controlled substances

Booking a telehealth appointment is as straightforward as setting up a regular face-to-face visit. Reach out to us at 316-262-2415.

Things to know before scheduling a telehealth appointment:

  • Your provider might suggest an in-clinic lab work either before or after your telehealth session.
  • You’ll receive a link for your video consultation via text or email. Join the session a little ahead of your designated time.
  • Choose a quiet environment to ensure clear communication.
  • Ensure your phone or device is fully charged.
  • Inform household members about your appointment to avoid interruptions.
  • Position yourself in an area with stable Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.
  • Punctuality is key: be ready for the video session in advance or be available to answer when your provider calls.
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