Care that Embraces all of Us

Hunter Health provides the care that works for you—all-encompassing care that you need, when you need it.

  • We connect you to the medical, dental, behavioral, vision and pharmacy services, all in one place.
  • We provide the support you need to take control of your health and your whole wellbeing.
  • We provide flexible solutions and healthcare education that’s personal to you. It’s our way of providing the greatest value throughout your care experience.
  • We believe when everyone is treated with quality care, our communities become healthier and stronger together.

Our Mission: We exist to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community.

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Get the care you deserve

Healthcare at the Heart of Our Community

Hunter Health was created to offer care to Native Americans who needed it most. Today, we welcome and serve all people who need care across Sedgwick County and nearby communities, no matter your background or status. We know that when everyone is cared for as individuals, our communities become healthier and stronger together.

A heritage of helping. Founded in 1976, we began as a clinic focused on caring for Wichita’s Native American community. Not only do we continue to honor our history of helping those that need it, but we also provide all-encompassing care for all of our Wichita communities.

Living up to our name. In 1985, we renamed as Hunter Health Clinic in honor of Jay and Vera Hunter, respected Indian elders and teachers. They were committed to improving the health of our community. We’re committed to continuing to honor their legacy with the personalized care that our community deserves.

We treat everybody. Everyone deserves individualized care. When we recognized that not everyone had access to the care, we founded our clinic to do exactly that. From our origins of serving Wichita’s Native American community, to now providing everyone with all-encompassing care, we continue to treat everyone—no matter their background or status.

Putting You First

Our Patient-Centered Medical Home model puts you at the center of a circle of care. It is how we can better look at health holistically and ensure that we’re all on the same team—yours. Learn more about how we do that here.