Susan Steinfeldt

Susan Steinfeldt, APRN, ACNP-C

Who I Am

I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, born and raised a Hawkeye. Early on, I learned I had a strong draw to all things biology and was impressed by the functionality of the human body. As my knowledge grew I began to understand how small changes like diet and exercise could have such an impact on overall health, my interest in healthcare only grew.

Healthcare Specialty

Emergency Medicine/Pre-hospital care


I received my Master of Science in Nursing from Wichita State, most recently working in the Emergency Department at Newton Medical Center before joining Hunter Health in 2022.

Why Hunter Health

Most of my career was spent in pre-hospital and emergency services. After several years of treating patients and families on their worst days, my interests began to shift to what I could do to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle before their health deteriorated.  I appreciate that Hunter Health has a shared goal of providing preventive care and maintenance of various disease states to anyone who needs it. This community is blessed to have a clinic of this nature with the resources and care that it provides.

Any questions? Let's talk.

Please call us at 316-262-2415
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