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Katelyn Picker, PA-C

Who I Am

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, I have always had a deep passion for healthcare. My educational background and experiences have led me to become a dedicated professional committed to providing the best possible care to patients of all ages with a wide variety of medical concerns. 

Healthcare Specialty

Primary Care


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science from Colorado State University. My passion for patient care led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania, where I had the honor of serving as Cohort President. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience working in Internal Medicine and Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine, which has given me the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional care to my patients. I joined Hunter Health in 2023.

Why Hunter Health

I chose to join Hunter Health because I wholeheartedly believe in its mission to make medical care available to the entire community. I am excited to make the transition to outpatient medicine, where I can serve my community and provide comprehensive and personalized care to patients with diverse needs.

Any questions? Let's talk.

Please call us at 316-262-2415
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