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Dr. Valerie Hunter

Who I Am

I was born in Krasnador, Russia, and lived there until I was 15. My passion for healthcare starts with my parents. Both were doctors, but the majority of the credit goes to Dr. Gary Miller and Dr. R Levy. I worked for them as a Dental Surgical Assistant before going to dental school. Both taught me quality dental care, how to treat patients, and how to be gentle in the mouth.

Healthcare Specialty



I received a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University College of Dentistry, and Advanced Education of General Dentistry from Wichita State University. I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Health Administration. I worked as a dentist at GraceMed for 5 years before joining Hunter Health in 2018.

Why Hunter Health

We are truly here to help patients and we try to find different ways every day to make things better for them. We can offer private practice-level quality customer service to ALL our patients without the high cost. Hunter Health is where dental care is part of healthcare and is no longer a luxury.

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