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When Jackie came to Hunter Health with symptoms linked to high blood pressure, she had no idea she was in hypertensive crisis. Her blood pressure was so high that medication wasn’t bringing it down quickly enough. Instead of calling 911 to transport Jackie to the Emergency Room, her Medical Provider called one of Hunter Health’s Behavioral Health Consultants.

Within minutes, the Behavioral Health Consultant was able to use deep breathing techniques to help Jackie lower her blood pressure out of crisis level. Further conversations with the Medical Provider and Behavioral Health Consultant revealed that Jackie was experiencing stress and anxiety that were having dangerous impacts on her physical and mental health. Thanks to Hunter Health’s integrated model of care, Jackie now has a holistic plan to improve her overall health and well-being.

Had Jackie not sought services from Hunter Health, her story could be very different. Our ability to offer integrated services with a highly-skilled team of Medical Providers and Behavioral Health Consultants completely changes the scope and quality of care that we can provide to our patients. Sometimes this level of care is the difference between an office visit and a trip to the Emergency Room.

Note: The name in this story was changed to protect patient privacy.

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