Hunter Health Launches New Radiology Service

WICHITA, KS – Hunter Health patients will have access to Medical Diagnostic X-Rays at the Central Clinic beginning Monday, December 14, through a partnership with the Hutchinson Clinic. X-ray imaging exams are recognized as a valuable medical tool to diagnose, monitor, and treat many medical conditions. Our patients count on us for almost all of their healthcare needs and can often piggyback necessary services into a single visit, rather than coming back to the clinic repeatedly for appointments.

Your wellbeing is interconnected with all aspects of your health. So is our care. Hunter Health offers all-encompassing care that goes beyond basic health care needs. Our integrated care teams work together to provide patients the medical, dental, behavioral, vision, pharmacy, lab, and now radiology services they need, all in one place.

“We’re excited to provide x-ray services to our patients, which allows for rapid diagnosis and immediate treatment, getting you and your family on the path to improved health and wellbeing.” said Amy Feimer, CEO of Hunter Health. Collaborative care through a shared passion is a perfect example of how the two clinics have teamed up to expand services. Through this collaboration, medical diagnostic x-ray scans will be performed at Hunter Health’s 21,000 sq. foot facility at Central and Grove and then read by the Radiologist at the Hutchinson Clinic.

“This partnership exemplifies Hutchinson Clinic’s commitment to protecting and promoting patient access to care, even as it extends beyond the clinic’s walls. Our community is fortunate to have the expertise of our Radiology providers available locally, and we are excited to share their knowledge with Hunter Health,” said Brian Voth, COO of Hutchinson Clinic. “Hunter Health is doing important work to provide quality healthcare to Wichita’s uninsured and underserved residents, and we’re proud to support their efforts to improve the well-being of community members in need.”

Over the course of 2019, Hunter Health provided healthcare services to 15,380 unique patients across a wide array of disciplines. Approximately 44% of our patient population is uninsured and 58% live at or below the federal poverty level, meaning the overwhelming majority of those we serve are among the highest need individuals in the state.

A home to embrace your fullest health. When it feels like there’s nowhere to turn--Hunter Health is here, ready to embrace you with open arms. We understand where you’re coming, focus beyond surface level, beyond our clinic walls to care for all aspects of your health. Because we care about you. And caring for you is about giving you a place and the power to truly care for yourself.

Individuals who want more information or wish to schedule an appointment can visit or call 316-262-2415.