Hunter Health Awarded Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA) Quality Improvement Grant

Communities Count on Quality Kansas Health Centers

Accountability is a critical component of healthcare – both from the patient and the provider’s perspective. After all, taking responsibility for all aspects of an individual’s health literally can be a matter of life or death.

For the 19 Federally Qualified Health Centers – all members of the Community Care Network of Kansas – accountability comes in the form of performance measures. Health officials and elected leaders in Washington and Topeka want to know how well the investments of federal and state taxpayer dollars into one of the largest networks of care for the state’s most vulnerable pay off.

Kansas health centers provided whole-person care to approximately 270,000 individuals in 2019. Whether patients were seeking primary, dental mental health, substance use disorder, or pharmacy services – or any of the enabling services such as providing transportation – all 845,000-plus visits result in meticulous documentation. Measurements of diabetes, high blood pressure, body mass index, colorectal cancer screenings, depression, fluoride treatments, substance use disorder screenings, and costs per patient and per visit are just a sampling.

Health centers that excel in improving patient outcomes are recognized – and rewarded. Recently, 19 Kansas health centers received Quality Improvement Grant awards totaling almost $1.6 million from the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) Health Center Program. The federal grants recognize clinics that are improving health outcomes at levels superior to most of the nearly 1,400 community health centers nationwide.

Among the more notable achievements, Hunter Health was given a Value Enhancer Award, one of only 37 nationally to achieve it. The Value Enhancer Award recognizes the increasing quality of care and improving patient access to comprehensive services while improving cost-efficient care delivery. “We are very proud of the recognition we received from HRSA,” said Hunter Health CEO Amy Feimer. “Our team works tirelessly to provide a high level of care and access to our patients. This year in particular they have been on the front-lines responding to COVID-19, again ensuring we are helping to protect our patients’ health and well-being.